GEC success at the International conference ‘Belarus in the contemporary world’

With the support of the FCO (grant 20130821111046165) and the British Embassy (Minsk) in particular, Professor E. Korosteleva, Director (Professional Studies) of the Global Europe Centre, organised a roundtable ‘Belarus and the Eastern Partnership Initiative: achievements and prospects’ as part of the wider international conference ‘Belarus in the Contemporary World’. The roundtable involved diplomats from the EU Delegation, British, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Embassies, as well as local and international experts to discuss Belarus’ relations with the EU and the Eurasian Customs Union (programme is attached), on the eve of the Eastern Partnership Summit in November 2013. The event was the first of its kind in Belarus, and forms part of a series of public debate involving academia, think-tanks and policy-makers.

Professor Korosteleva also participated in a TV broadcasting ‘Amplituda’ to present and discuss the findings of her recent research project ‘Belarus and Eastern Partnership: a national values survey’. The survey was undertaken with the assistance of the Centre for Political Research, Belarusian State University, and financially supported by the Office for a Democratic Belarus (ODB). The survey focused on the public attitudes, perceptions, levels of awareness and behavioural patterns in relation to the regional centres of power – the EU and the Eurasian Customs Union; and traced some dynamics vis-a-vis a similar survey conducted by Prof. Korosteleva in 2008/9 as part of an ESRC-funded project (RES-061-25-0001). Full findings report is available for download on the GEC website (enclosed), as well as on the ODB website.

Photographs from the roundtable ‘Belarus and the Eastern Partnership Initiative: achievements and prospects’

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