Purpose of this guide

This guide is designed to help provide you with subject support identifying the most useful resources for Politics and International Relations.

The Library has a range of different information types to help you from learning about a new topic to detailed research. Watch the short video below for more guidance thinking about what information you need.

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Find the best resource for each stage of your research journey from getting started using the library, to researching for assignments and doing a dissertation.

Resources by subject:


International Relations

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Click here to access OUP Politics Trove
Click here to access OUP Politics Trove

As a Politics student at Kent you also have access to over 250 up to date textbooks from  Bloomsbury available on Vitalsource that you can download to your own devices, These are your own personal subscription copies.

6 of the macmillain titles

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We are keen to encourage you to suggest additional resources that may bring additional value to the resources contained in this resource subject guide. If you feel that there is something missing (e.g. resourcevoices or perspective), then fill out this form and we will try our best to include your suggestions.