Workshop on Tensor Networks for Chiral Topological Phases

Support received from International Quantum Tensor Network

Dr Gunnar Möller has been awarded funds from the International Quantum Tensor Network, to run a focus-workshop on tensor networks for chiral topological phases jointly with co-organisers Frank Verstraete (Cambridge & Ghent), Didier Poilblanc (CNRS Toulouse) and Norbert Schuch (ESI Vienna).

The chiral tensor network workshop will take place at STFC’s Cosener’s House venue from 12-14 December 2023. The event will bring together 20 invited participants from across 10 countries, and is open to researchers from the International Quantum Tensor Network (IQTN). The IQTN has been created via an EPSRC-funded international network grant, which has put the UK at the centre of an international community researching state-of-the art classical and quantum simulations for quantum materials.