Physics and Astronomy courses fully accredited by Institute of Physics

Our amazing Physics and Astronomy team here at Kent have been working hard to produce the best curriculum for our students. The design of the new curriculum (initiated in Sept 2021) has been designed to meet the criteria set out by the IOP accreditation.  

We are pleased to announce that all Physics and Astronomy courses are now fully accredited by IOP for the next 5 years. 

What does it mean to be accredited?  

Accreditation is the means by which we monitor the content and standard of physics degrees and keep the wider community of physicists informed. 

The primary aims of accreditation are to: 

  • provide an independent, rigorous and valid assessment of physics degree programmes 
  • support the standing of individual degree programmes and departments 
  • make it easier to promote the standing of UK and Republic of Ireland programmes throughout Europe and the rest of the world 

 Dr Vicky Mason, Director of UG students and Programme Lead for UG Physics and Astronomy says: ‘It is great to have our new curriculum accredited fully by the IOP for the maximum term of 5 years. It reflects the hard work put in by all staff and students to come up with a rigorous, exciting and varied curriculum across all our degree streams.’