SEPnet placement with Sushanta Nigudkar

“Open for applications!!” I had been to meetings where Anna had discussed SEPNET before, and I couldn’t wait to start working on my first internship project.

The past years of my degree had been great!! They guided me through the many interesting and elegant explanations that physics had to offer. Looking for such explanations, Research was always the path I wanted to go down and this was the perfect opportunity to experience what working in science would actually be like!

Now came the task of choosing a project. One in particular listed by Dr.Stacy Kim at the University of Surrey, was just what I was looking for. Reading her papers and listening to talks from her colleagues made me want to work with them and learn more about their research. Here, although deeply interested in the topics the project would require me to explore, I knew I needed help with my CV.

So I opened my web browser, and began my quest to find the road that led to an amazing CV. Many confused and frustratingly repetitive attempts later. I asked for it, and help was just a videocall away. Anna started me off with some slight changes and tweaks. Several more videocalls, emails and google docs later, I was able to finally create a CV that allowed me to demonstrate the skills I had developed and the experiences I had gained, thus far, without boring the spectacles off my future employer.

My internship has enabled me to work with and learn from Dr. Stacy and the EDGE group at the University of Surrey. Each day now starts with a helpful prompt explaining my work for the day. If I’m ever stuck, I am in constant contact with Stacy and she’s happy to help. Whether its day-consuming Python bugs or discussions on some curious features on a plot, Stacy and the group are always just a message away. Each week we also have meetings where everyone from our group presents their findings, and its super fun to hear how your work fits into the larger objectives of your group. It makes science more enjoyable when you have interested and inquisitive people working alongside you.

Through my project so far, I have acquired new technical skills and have learnt to manage my time more effectively. I hope to become better at practising and learning science, and am able to contribute to my subject of interest in a meaningful way.

In summary, my internship has been a great way to get an insight into the current trends and directions of research being pursued in Physics. It has also allowed me to have access to academics who engage in exciting new research and ask them questions that better my understanding of Physics as a whole.