Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics with a Year Abroad: student Ruhee tells us more

Student in a lab

Incorporating a year abroad into your studies can enhance your employability prospects, immerse you in a different culture and build a network of contacts in your subject area.

Stage 2 student, Ruhee Kahar, shares why she chose to study an MPhys in Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics with a Year Abroad in America.

‘I have always been interested in observational astronomy and I was lucky to know from a young age that studying physics was the direction I wanted to take in life.

I chose to study at the University of Kent as they were the only university to offer a specific course that was directly in line with what I have always been passionate about.

Furthermore, there was a chance to continue with and develop my observational astronomy hobby through the University of Kent SpaceSoc and the program run by Dr Dirk Froebrich to observe at the Beacon Observatory, based on campus. Alongside this I would have access to a year studying abroad as well as being able to complete my course with a Master’s degree.

Regarding my year abroad, I will be studying at Indiana University in America. I am most excited for the research in astronomy module, that will allow me to enhance my current research and laboratory skills, as well as giving me access to a telescope and other data mining equipment.

I think that in addition to being mentally stimulating and fascinating, this will really help to prepare me for my Master’s year.’

“Studying in America will also give me a different experience of learning as their teaching style is completely different to how it is in the UK. I believe the opportunity to study abroad for a year will broaden my horizons even further and facilitate my connections with people in the scientific community.”

‘In the future I hope to be able to complete a PhD, and go into research in the field of observational astronomy, although I am trying to keep my options open to any opportunity that may come my way.’

We wish Ruhee all the best with her Year Abroad, and look forward to hearing about her experiences.