Code of Practice for Quality Assurance for Taught Programmes of Study

QA Policy Statement 

The University requires that there should be a Code of Practice for Quality Assurance that expresses the principles, responsibilities and structures through which it assures academic standards and the continuous improvement of the student academic experience. This Code came into effect on 1 September 2005, having been approved by the
Board for Research and Enterprise on 9 June 2005 and by Senate on 22 June 2005. Institutional oversight of this code (on behalf of Senate) became the responsibility
of the Graduate School Board with effect from 31 August 2009 and the Graduate and Researcher College with effect from 1 October 2020. There is a systematic process of review of this Code of Practice on an annual basis.


Annex A       Curriculum Policy

Annex B       Approval and Withdrawal of Research Courses

Annex C       Approval of Research Candidates and Projects

Annex D       Information to Students

Annex E       Annual Monitoring

Annex F       Periodic Review

Annex G       Personal Academic Support System

Annex H      Supervision

Annex I       Divisional Directors of Graduate Studies and PG Student Experience

Annex J       Progression and Examination

Annex K       External and Internal Examiners

Annex L       Student Evaluation

Annex M       Practise Research

Annex N       deleted

Annex O       Researcher Development Programme

Annex P      Research Student Teachers and Demonstrators

Annex Q      Student Engagement in Quality Assurance and Enhancement