Welcome to Kent!

Studying for a postgraduate award will improve your specific knowledge of your academic subject and it also provides preparation for a professional career. The employability advantage gained from a Master’s is particularly valuable at this difficult time. It will help you shape and contribute to tomorrow’s world.

Alongside other kinds of support for our postgraduates, our optional Global Skills Award Programme (GSA) offers you a unique and additional skills training opportunity which is designed to enhance global awareness and improve your employability in a competitive job market while you study for your postgraduate qualification. The UK’s Quality Assurance Agency recognised the benefits of the GSA in terms of the development and networking opportunities it provides to postgraduate students. Perhaps more significantly, the global-level insights and cross-disciplinary thinking which the GSA can provide are needed now more than ever as the world struggles to beat the pandemic – we all know this has to be done together with others and will not be achieved by ourselves.

Kent provides a range of activities to enhance your postgraduate development, online and digital as well as face to face. These include the opportunity to apply for the Postgraduate Community Experience Awards and contribute to the production of The GradPost, our termly newsletter created by students for students with our support.

Make sure to embrace the opportunities offered to you by the dynamic intellectual life of the University, your Division and our programme. Every Division holds regular research seminars and academic events and these are usually open to others across the University, regardless of their discipline. There are also many ‘Open Lectures’ which feature leading academics and public figures. A Master’s is a fabulous opportunity to become a specialist in your field whilst also gaining an appreciation of a much broader range of disciplines and current affairs. Do make the most of it, but also be reassured that help is there if it’s needed: do not be afraid to ask. Your health and safety and personal development are our priority, in everything you do with us. These are difficult times. We are here to help, and the Graduate and Researcher College and countless other university staff are on hand to assist and to ensure all your endeavours are successful.

I wish you all the best for your studies.

Professor Paul Allain

Dean of the Graduate and Researcher College

We have aimed to provide general regulatory information that is relevant across all our campuses and European centres. Your own School/Division may also provide additional information that is relevant to your particular discipline or research area. Postgraduate students studying at our European centres will receive additional centre-specific information.