The Graduate and Researcher College’s Global Skills Award Programme is designed to broaden your understanding of global issues and current affairs, as well as to develop personal skills, which will enhance your employability. All students registered for a taught Master’s Degree are eligible to apply for a place, which is free of charge.

A lecture series will allow you to participate in discussion on issues of global importance such as the environment, culture, social changes, world politics and developments in science.

A series of skills training workshops will offer you the chance to develop career opportunities, as well as acquire the skills you need in your search for a job, enhancing your career development, as well as enabling you to develop the skills you need to succeed in the workplace, such as team working, networking and leadership.

Lectures and events on the Global Skills Award Programme take place from October to May, and are bookable through our training portal at:

By completing the Global Skills Award Programme you can earn employability points, as part of the Employability Points Scheme, which rewards actively involved students with points for every activity.