A practical introduction to LaTeX

Abstract: LaTeX (pronounced “lay-tech”) is the norm for current mathematical writing; (almost) all mathematical journals require articles to be written in LaTeX. With its many … Read more

14 June ~ Kemal Raik

Title: The regularisation of inverse and ill-posed problems   Abstract: Physical phenomena may be modelled in operator theoretic terms and deriving the cause of a particular … Read more

07 June ~ Livia Campo

Title: Sarkisov links in classification of Fanos   Abstract: The classification of algebraic varieties is one of the hottest topics in modern Algebraic Geometry. Its … Read more

31 May ~ João Santos

Title: Schützenberger involution on Kashiwara-Nakashima tableaux   Abstract: The Schützenberger involution originally appeared in type A, using the model of semistandard Young tableaux. In this talk, … Read more

17 May ~ Jie Lie (Stats)

Title: Covariance regression analysis   Abstract: ​I will introduce covariance regression analysis which is proposed recently. This method mainly takes the auxiliary information matrix as the … Read more

10 May ~ Mark Wallis

Title: Introduction to High Performance Computing at Kent   Abstract   Do you spend hours waiting for your code to run, while tying up your computer? … Read more

05 April ~ Sotiris Prevenas (Stats)

Title: MCMC using Langevin Dynamics   Abstract: Modern statistical inference requires sampling from target distributions that are high-dimensional and exhibit strong correlations. In this seminar we … Read more