A Polya Tree Model for Open Population Capture-Recapture Data (Ioannis Rotous 02/04/21)

This week Ioannis Rotous will be giving a talk entitled “A Polya Tree Model for Open Population Capture-Recapture Data”. As usual we will be on Microsoft Teams at 4pm on the Friday.


Abstract: “In Capture-Recapture experiment designs, when we work with Open Population models, we assume that individuals can Arrive and Depart at any time. Hence, each individual has each own presence history that should be inferred. For doing that we define a time-grid with all possible Arrival-Departure patterns, on which we place a Polya Tree Prior, which is a useful tool when working on grid spaces. In this talk, we will discuss how a Polya Tree Prior works, how it can be applied to Open Population Capture-Recapture data, and lastly what might be a potential solution for efficiently applying that kind of model when the number of sampling occasion is large.”