Counting paths in lattices to obtain symmetric polynomial identities (Eoghan McDowell 20/11/2020)

Microsoft Teams

This week, we welcome Eoghan McDowell from Royal Holloway, University of London. He will be speaking on “Counting paths in lattices to obtain symmetric polynomial identities”.

Abstract: “The Lindström–Gessel–Viennot lemma states that the number of non-intersecting tuples of paths in a given lattice is equal to the determinant of a certain matrix. In this talk I will explain the elegant combinatorial argument behind this result, and use it to obtain a new symmetric polynomial identity. This identity generalises both the binomial determinant duality of theorem of Gessel and Viennot and the symmetric function duality theorem of Aitken. I will also mention some motivation from the problem of plethysm in the representation theory of the general linear group.”


We look forward to seeing you on teams at 4pm on Friday 20th November for the talk!