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Month: January 2018

Water resistance

If you’re worried about the flooding of the Seine, don’t be. Not yet, anyway. This is not unusual here, and we have a way to go to equal 1939, or 1982…

Water levels marked on the fire station at La Monnaie:


And this is nothing compared to the flood of 1910. The marker for that one is about 3 metres higher:





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Welcome to the blog for module HI890, Paris: Revolution and Resistance.

Statue of Joan of Arc (1874), Place des Pyramides
Statue of Joan of Arc (1874), Place des Pyramides

Revolution and Resistance: you could not have picked a better city for studying these subjects! Paris’s wonderful galleries and museums are filled with examples of its long and turbulent history, but look beyond and you’ll find traces of the past everywhere – parks, squares, churches, cemeteries, metro stations, street signs, monuments and statues all have stories to tell. This is a city where walking is essential (it is the home of the flâneur, after all)! Explore Paris on foot and you’ll soon begin to appreciate how the experiences of revolution and resistance have influenced and shaped its development.


Image of rue de la femme sans tete (rue Le Regrattier)
A victim of the revolution decapitated in 1793, on the corner of rue de la femme sans teste (today rue Le Regrattier), Île Saint Louis

Please post your thoughts, discoveries and reflections here…whatever catches your eye or makes you think about the course. Feel free to share anything you find relevant, interesting or unusual – write something, post an image, a quote, a video or audio clip.

Juliette Pattinson will introduce the module on Wednesday 24 January at 3pm. Afterwards we’ll take a tour of some fascinating revolutionary/resistance spaces and places around the Latin Quarter. I look forward to meeting you all next week!

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