CPCS press coverage in 2009

‘A decade of parenting as left working mothers feeling guilty and tired’.  (with comment from Frank Furedi) Daily Telegraph 17.12.09

‘The drift towards professional parenting must be resisted’. Community Care By Michael Fitzpatrick 25.11.09

‘The perils of modern parenting: whatever happened to muddling through?’ Daily Telegraph (with comment from Frank Furedi) 2.10.09

It takes a village to raise a child? Not any more’. By Frank Furedi 28.9.09

‘There’s more to parenting than egg production’ By Jennie Bristow spiked 21.9.09

‘Intensive Parenting’ Society Today (coverage of our conference)

‘Bottle-feeding support “lacking”‘ BBC News 26.7.09

The mother of all interventions
.‘ We should roundly reject the new UK report which argues that time-stretched parents are producing damaged children By Helene Guldberg. 2.2.09

The Observer. ‘

Are our children really in crisis, or the victims of parents’ anxiety?‘ 
With comment from Tim Gill. 1.2.09