CPCS press coverage in 2007

‘Tyranny of the child gurus: you don’t have to be a paranoid parent’. The Independent (coverage of our conference)22.6.07

‘The Nanny State: Monstering of the Modern Mother’. The Independent on Sunday (coverage of our conference) 20.6.07

‘Monitoring mums and dads’. (by Nancy McDermott) spiked, 29.5.07

‘Our cotton wool kids’. (coverage of our conference) The Times, 24.5.07

‘A plague on those parenting know-alls’. (with comment from Frank Furedi) Daily Mail 24.5.07

‘Supernanny undermines parents’. (coverage of our conference) Herald Sun (Australia), 23.5.07

‘How Supernanny could be damaging the family’. (coverage of our conference) The Daily Mail 22.5.07

‘Parenting experts “ruining family life”’. The Daily Telegraph (with comment from Frank Furedi) 21.5.07

Frank Furedi ‘The Mother of all Parenting Battles‘ 9.10.07 (£)

Christina Hardyment ‘Avoid the Nursery Wars‘ 24.12.07 (£) [/showhide]