Associates (Post graduate)

Kasia Choluj

I am a PhD student in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research at the University of Kent, Canterbury. My PhD project examines the intersection of parenting and home-making practices in diaspora focusing on the case study of the ‘new Polish migrants’ in Britain after 2004. My ethnographic research investigates how wider dimensions of socio-political transformations in Poland after 2004 is experienced by parents at the everyday level of family life in migration situation. This project, in particular, sheds light on how gendered parental roles and identities of the new Polish migrants are negotiated within wider global processes. In addition, it investigates the social construction of belongings of migrant parents with Polish origins through heuristic lens of ‘home-making’. My study is situated across expanding fields of diaspora/transnational studies, parenting culture, Polish and Eastern European studies and my research interests include: Parenting in global perspective; Diaspora and transnationalism; Polish diasporas in Europe; Identity politics.

Verity Pooke

Verity is an ESRC PhD candidate in Social Policy with the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research at the University of Kent. Verity is conducting a qualitative research project that investigates the workings of risk consciousness in the provision and use of the Emergency Contraceptive Pill in the UK. The project aims to evaluate the real life experiences of women using and choosing contraception in the UK in an era occupied by the concept of ‘safe sex’. Outside of her PhD work, Verity has been a Trustee for the sexual health charity the FPA since 2015 and lobbies for women’s sexual and reproductive health rights in the UK. She also volunteers with a sexual health advisory group locally in Kent with Kent Community Health Foundation Trust.