Post-16 Outreach Offer – 2023/24

Exploring University Visit Days

Part of our Journey to Uni programme, year 12 students on our Exploring University visit days will experience an immersive and fun day on our Canterbury campus. Supported by our student ambassadors, they will explore the extra-curricular side of university life, and have an opportunity to investigate what they might like from their own university experience.

There are four main sections to the day:

University Life: An introduction to student life at university, where do students live, socialise, study?

What can you study at university?: An introduction to university subjects, how they are taught and how to research degrees on UCAS.

Campus Tour: Student ambassadors lead tours of university facilities.

University: Not just a place to study! An introduction to what extra-curricular activities students can get involved in.

We have space available on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 5 March
  • Tuesday 12 March
  • Thursday 14 March
  • Wednesday 8 May
  • Wednesday 15 May

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University of Kent 2024 Applicants

For all students who have applied for the 2024 entrance, please click here to find more information for bookable activities.