Uni Connect Spotlight on Exam Success Package

Exam Success Package is an in school programme for students in Year 11, and is designed to give students the opportunity to consider how they should prepare for their exams and provides guidance on coping with exam stress. The programme contains three interactive modules, covering: Revision Skills, Exam Techniques, and Coping with Exams.

Session 1: Revision Skills
This workshop will allow students to consider a range of different revision techniques, as well as how to plan for and prioritise revision effectively.

Session 2: Exam Techniques
During this workshop students will consider other ways to prepare for exams in addition to revision. Throughout the session students will consider a range of avoidable errors as well as using examiners reports to support with exam preparation.

Session 3: Coping with Exams
The final workshop will look at trialling a range of different positive coping strategies to support students throughout the exam period.

Each session can be delivered in 50 minutes and can fit within the school timetable. This programme is delivered in school for up to two groups of 30 students.

As the programme is funded by Uni Connect, we ask that two thirds of students who attend this programme are classified as part of the KaMCOP cohort. Students in the KaMCOP Cohort are identified by postcodes which indicate:

– Low levels of participation in higher education
– A ‘participation gap’ – i.e. GCSE attainment information tells us that participation in higher education could be higher
– Being situated within areas of relative deprivation

To book contact outreach@kent.ac.uk