Critical Thinkers: Law 

Critical Thinkers: Law is a three week programme where students can develop their critical thinking skills, the ability to think beyond their textbooks and gain experience in group working, case study analysis and public speaking. These are all key skills they will need as they move into Higher Education.

In week 1 students take part in an interactive seminar on ‘Jurisprudence: On Law and Morality’.

Week 2 includes another interactive seminar, ‘Criminal Law: Thinking Like a Lawyer’, which is followed by some research into the case study for the final week.

In week 3 students take part in a Speed Moot, focusing on the case study of R v Shafique.  The session will also provide an introduction into what it is like to study Law at University.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes and is delivered in school to year 12 groups.

If you would like to book the programme, please email with some preferred dates and times.