The Confidence Series

Funded through the Kent and Medway Collaborative Outreach Programme (KaMCOP), the University of Kent Confidence Series is designed to help students reach their academic potential. Created to help students identify and understand their skills and abilities, the programme aims to support young people to recognise and develop their self-confidence in their academic abilities.

What is the confidence series?
The series consists of three linked activities which help students develop skills which are critical for their classroom development and provides the space and time for students to improve their confidence in themselves. The activities are as follows:

Confidence in the Classroom
This two hour workshop is designed to encourage students to think about the skills they use in everyday life and identify strategies to transfer these skills into a classroom setting. The workshop includes a series of active team challenges and reflective tasks to help students determine where their strengths lie and identify the areas where they would like to improve.

Confidence in Managing Emotions
Building on the first workshop, this session helps students identify positive and healthy strategies to help them manage their emotions and perceptions around academic performance.  The session focuses on helping students to evaluate key strategies for preventing and managing emotions and stress and to consider what would work best for them.

Making the News, Faking the News
This visit day is delivered on the University of Kent Canterbury campus.and aims to help students deepen their understanding of what effective communication is and how this is influenced in real world situations.Students will be asked to reflect upon the different contexts and types of communication that have been used nationally and internationally throughout the Covid-19 pandemic through the perspective of different subject disciplines.  They will complete a project during the day which analyses news articles.

Students must complete Confidence in the Classroom before they can attend the additional workshop or visit day. Priority on the visit day will be given to schools who have completed both Confidence in the Classroom and Confidence in Managing Emotions prior to attending.

Who is this suitable for?
This activity is designed for students in Year 9 or 10. It is ideal for students who have the academic potential to achieve 5 GCSE’s grades 9-5, but need additional support to build their confidence, motivation and develop key skills to help them achieve this.

Please Note: This programme is funded by the Kent and Medway Collaborative Outreach Programme and is only available to students within these schools and colleges. As this activity is funded through the KaMCOP, we ask that students who are considered for this activity reside within UniConnect target wards. We are happy to support schools in identifying suitable students using postcode profiling. If you would like support with targeting please ask your designated Outreach Activities Coordinator for assistance.

When does this take place?
In school workshops can be booked at a time which is convenient for the school.

Visit days will take place on the following dates:
• 5th July 2022
• 12th July 2022

Each workshop has a maximum capacity of 15 students.  However, should you wish to deliver this to more students, this activity can be booked for a maximum of 2 groups.
Capacity of the ‘Making the News, Faking the News’ visit day is limited. It is recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment.

How to Book
To book this series, please contact your designated Outreach Activities Coordinator or alternatively contact