Mentoring and University Insights Project for Black Students

University of Kent’s Mentoring and University Insights Project for Black Students provides a dedicated programme for students to learn about university life from Ambassadors, and meet members of the University community.

What is the Mentoring and University Insights Project for Black Students?

If you are considering going to university and want to learn more about the experiences of university students of African / Caribbean heritage, this is a unique opportunity to discover and explore. This free and supportive programme has been developed with Black Student Ambassadors who are looking forward to sharing their experiences with you.

What can I expect to do in the project?

The Project will cover the following topics:

  • Practical considerations to help when researching universities
  • Information on extra-curricular opportunities available at universities, such as scholarships and research opportunities
  • An insight into support available at universities
  • Learn more about social opportunities, including a taster of the University of Kent’s African and Caribbean Society
  • Finding ways to include your culture, heritage and values in your academic studies

Each session will include an interactive talk from a member of University of Kent’s community and the chance to share questions and ideas with Student Ambassador Mentors.

One of our Ambassadors, Cerian, led the project last year, and shares his experience:

Four years ago I was in the same place many of you are – wondering what I’d be doing next. As a Black male, part of that question included what opportunities may or may not be easily available because of my race. Was I too anxious about moving to an area where there weren’t many people like me and therefore couldn’t find food, music or those who had similar histories? Or, would I in fact like that idea and want to explore new places and cultures and meet new people? By participating in this opportunity, you will be able to have a very candid conversation with Black university ambassadors about their experiences moving into higher education, including what their desires and fears were, what prompted them to attend their university, what they did to foster a sense of belonging while they were there and how their community may have shaped these motivations. These are questions which are often avoided, but they are ones that may need answering and talking to us may be able to help you find your answer.

Am I eligible?

The Mentoring and University Insights Project is designed to get you thinking about your future and feel more confident in your next steps. This does not have to be going to university, but we would encourage you to apply if you are considering it or are not sure.

Applicants must:

  • Be in Year 12 at one of our KaMCOP Partner Schools, or in stage 1 of a Level 3 qualification at one of our KaMCOP Partner Colleges
  • Want to learn about the experiences of Black university students
  • We particularly welcome applicants of African and Caribbean heritage

When is the Project?

This project will now run in 2022-23.

How do I apply?

Applications for 2022-23 will open in Autumn 2022.  If you would like to find out more before then, please email