Ambassador Scheme Reflections: Elliot Simmonds

Lead Ambassador, Outreach Tutor and Evaluation Intern, Elliot Simmonds, looks back on his time on the Ambassador Scheme as he gets ready to graduate from his Law degree.

Hello everyone, my name is Elliot, and I recently completed the final year of my law degree. I initially joined the Ambassador Scheme through the Outreach programme as a Stipend Ambassador, meaning I have worked alongside the Outreach Team throughout my whole degree. With that in mind, it is difficult to pinpoint particular moments that stood out above the rest but I am particularly fond of the time I spent working on the summer core team and the Succeed programme. Both were long term events, meaning that a strong camaraderie grew between the ambassadors, and working with any student group over several weeks really lets you notice how much good the work is providing.

Over time I took on additional roles and responsibilities within the scheme, becoming an Outreach Tutor and Lead Ambassador as well as working in the office as an Evaluation Intern. I tried to work as much as possible around my academic schedule, devoting a great deal of time and energy to my work. In return, I was able to develop a wide variety of skills which will continue to benefit me heading forward. After graduating, I will be undertaking the BTC, a professional qualification to become a barrister, and what I gained from the Ambassador Scheme was vital to me both gaining my place and earning my scholarship.

For all new and future ambassadors, I fully recommend the scheme and all that it provides for developing academic participation. The only advice I can give is to enjoy the time you have and to never be afraid of signing up for work and additional roles. The Outreach Team and other ambassadors will always be there to support you, meaning it is possible to try out new experiences without the worry that could be associated with them. My time within the Ambassador Scheme was one of my fondest memories of university and I hope more people get to fully experience what it can offer.