Ambassador Reflections: Grace Page

Stipend Ambassador, Grace Page, reflects on what she has learnt so far on the Ambassador Scheme

Since becoming an Ambassador in September last year, I have already started to gain a great sense of personal development. This opportunity to guide and support others has made me realise the influential impact of this role and why it is so important. In fact, without the support from Ambassadors, I would never have acknowledged that university was even a suitable option for my future, which is why I am so grateful to now be able to give back what other Ambassadors did for me.

As a person who struggles with social anxiety, the Ambassador Scheme is helping me to push my personal boundaries. I am now more confident when communicating and working together with others. Through the work that I have done so far, I have learnt to just go for it and not to worry so much about everything. My progression of this skill has enabled me to achieve simple tasks in my life that I once used to dread, such as participating in my seminars, and hopefully when events are face-to-face again, I will be able to expand this further. As well as this, communication will be vital in my future career, so I am glad that this opportunity is allowing me to enhance this skill, and many others, in preparation.

Another aspect that I am learning from the Ambassador Scheme is the importance of individuals supporting one another. Big life decisions can sometimes seem very intimidating which is why it is essential that we surround ourselves with others for guidance. If this support were not provided by Ambassadors, it could be a lot harder for individuals to seek advice and be provided with the information that they may need. Going forward, I think this Scheme is an excellent foundation for me to build on my team-working and communication skills that will be a valuable asset to any career in my future.