Goodbye Jamie!

Outreach Activities Co-ordinator, Jamie Messer, is leaving the Partnership Development Office to join the Division of Arts and Humanities. Here, he shares a few words with Ambassadors

A long time ago I was a student at a local school that closed down due to ongoing issues and failing Ofsted reports. For many students this environment made a lot of pathways seem like a dream and what made you smart in the view of your peers was knowing that those dreams would never come true. But I was able to go to university, obtain a degree and put that to use in a career I love. The reason why was the wonderful ambassadors who visited my school representing their subject, their academic department, the University of Kent, higher education and the positive development of individuals through learning and education. My story is one of many successes that can be attributed to the hard work of student ambassadors and outreach professionals.  Student ambassadors have a huge impact on the young people they work with and their influence often reaches beyond them to their peers and their families. Ambassadors can be proud of helping young people to build their confidence and their understanding of higher education and are part of a fantastic and unique community.

I am now moving on from the Partnership Development Office and will be broadening my experience as  the Outreach Officer for the Division of Arts and Humanities. There are now outreach officers in every Division developing sessions for schools and colleges focused on specific subject areas which support the work run centrally that you all undertake. I’ll be recruiting ambassadors so if you are part of the division please do keep an eye out and say hi when you see me around campus – once things become more normal again.

Thanks for all your help and support!