Student Support You May Not Know About

Even though we are all working online now, the University's support and services have been adapting and are there if you need them. Here, we round up some of the most useful links and contacts we have discovered recently

Here are some useful links and updates you may have missed to help support you as lockdown continues. Remember to always check the University of Kent website for the latest updates, but we thought these were really handy to know.

Did you know? Students that are self-isolating on campus receive care packs hospitality and can receive phone calls of support from College and Community Life Officers. The College and Community Life Team can offer advice and support if you need it, just get in touch.

Did you know? There is a dedicated email address for support queries Check out the coronovirus student webpage for more information.

Did you know? There is an IT voucher scheme available if you are struggling with access to technology.

Did you know? The Student support and Wellbeing Reception is staffed should you need to reach out.

Did you know? Kent Union and GKSU can offer advice and support and have been organising online events.

Next time you’re on campus, or if you live locally and are looking for new places to walk for your daily exercise, this video is a wellbeing tour of the Canterbury Campus, and might share some facilities and place to explore that you didn’t know about.

Other useful Links:
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