KEEP: The Kent English Experience Programme

The School of English at the University of Kent is proud to announce the latest instalment of KEEP: The Kent English Experience Program. 

KEEP is a connected set of three different resources, which are available free of charge to teachers and students. The program has been tailored for our disruptive times, and we hope it lessens the load of A-Level teachers in the midst of a pandemic.

The Kent English A-Level Podcast is a series of video lectures, freely available on YouTube for students and teachers. We post several lectures a month, which cover popular A-Level texts, or discuss key A-Level skills such as comparing multiple texts or applying different critical frameworks. Click here to view the podcast.

Additional Resources for KEEP Schools – If you sign up as a ‘KEEP School’, then we will make two additional sets of resources available. If you choose to access these resources, we will ask you to provide some data about your students so we can fulfil our Widening Participation responsibilities. Otherwise becoming a KEEP School entails no additional charges.

Kent English A-Level Lessons – For every lecture in the podcast, our skilled outreach workers have prepared a structured lesson for teachers to use in their lessons or to set for home learning. If you become a KEEP School, we will provide you continuing access to the growing library of A-Level Lessons.

Kent English A-Level Workshops – For a richer experience of University-level teaching, KEEP Schools can also arrange a live online workshop with our lecturers. A workshop can take place over a single afternoon or over several sessions, and is tailored to your students’ needs. A workshop comprises live Q-and-A sessions with up to three different lecturers from the Podcast, and one research skills or close reading session with our academic staff or outreach workers. Our capacity to provide workshops is limited, so please get in touch soon if you wish to book one.

Contact: Are there particular texts or skills you’d like us to cover in the podcast? Are you interested in becoming a KEEP School? Please contact Dr Michael Falk (