Ambassador Café

Stipend Ambassador, George Sharp, recently interviewed Outreach Tutor and Lead Ambassador, Alex Davis, to find out more about the Ambassador café

The Ambassador café events have been an integral part of being an ambassador for a long time, and even though the meetings have moved online due to the latest restrictions, that hasn’t stopped the ambassadors from having fun and meeting up on Teams!

Outreach Tutor and Lead Ambassador, Alex Davis has been attending these café events even before 2020 BC (Before Covid), and has continued to get involved with them when they made the move online. We thought it would be great to hear from her to find out exactly why she loves them so much. Maybe she can persuade you to join in too?

What do you get up to in the café?

We chat about all sorts of things, there is no agenda, so the conversation just rolls along…it is not like work at all, and we laugh a lot!

What are your favourite stories/moments in a café?

My favourite thing is the bit when I arrive.  It is lovely to see all those smiley faces and people waving.  I do miss Shauna’s cakes though, while we are meeting online.

Why should other Ambassadors get involved?

Even in normal times, it is not always possible to spend time chatting to other Ambassadors and staff socially, before or after a work opportunity.  We all know so many familiar faces from the amazing people we work with, but it can be hard to find a way to get to know many of them.  Right now, this is even more difficult due to the online nature of our work.  I believe therefore that it is so important to take the chance to socialise with other people whenever we have the chance.  The cafés give us the chance to do so, and this is true whether the café is online or in person.

What do you get out of attending the café?

I have always enjoyed the café for the social aspect, and the chance to step away from my studies for a while and relax with friends.  However, right now they are even more important to me.  I miss being on Campus, and randomly meeting someone and having a chat.  We are all isolated, so a big group of smiling faces on Teams is lovely.  I honestly always feel a bit tearful when the café ends, because I really do not wish to say goodbye!

As you can see, the café definitely brings a lot of joy to our fellow ambassadors and evidently, it is even more special to be part of a community during these tough times.

If we still haven’t sold it to you, then take a look at the smiley faces from these screenshots!

The next café will be taking place on the 10th of March 14:30-16:30!

Maybe we’ll see you soon?