Meet the Ambassador: Karys Spicer

Stipend Ambassador, Karys Spicer, shares her favourite Ambassador Scheme opportunities and advice for new Ambassadors

Hello my name is Karys,I am a third year Student Stipend Ambassador. I have been an ambassador since my first year at university and I have been enjoying every moment.  I am currently a third year Film Studies student and after I graduate this coming summer I hope to continue my studies here at the University of Kent and go on to complete a Master’s degree in Film.

I first heard about the Ambassador program when I was still a sixth form. My tutor at the time told me about the opportunity and suggested that I apply for it.  I went for an interview and was offered the position of Student Stipend Ambassador and have been an ambassador ever since. I wanted to become an ambassador as I wanted to be a part of something bigger at the University rather than just being a student. When I found out about the Student Stipend Ambassador Scheme I was really excited to have the chance to be a part of a big team and to  work alongside the PDO staff and represent the University of Kent.

My favourite event that I have worked whilst being an ambassador is probably LEGO League.   I’ve worked as an ambassador for the LEGO League Program during my first and second years. I would say it is one of the funniest events that you could be a part of that is held on our campus. As it is a whole day event, you’re working pretty much from 9 till 3, so it’s a busy day but it’s so fun as there is so many different activities going on within the day. During my first year I was helping a team with their robot programming and helped cheer them on whenever they were at the competition table. Then for my second year, I was the timekeeper for a whole event, meaning for the whole day I was at the competition table watching every group compete and making sure that they stuck to their times.  If you ever get a chance as an ambassador to take part and work LEGO League then I strongly recommend that you take the opportunity. It’s one of the event and ambassador work opportunities that I look forward to every year and I remember just having the best time.  I was sad when I found out that, obviously due to what’s happening with the pandemic at the moment, we couldn’t have LEGO League in December like we usually do. However, I’m hoping that before I graduate we will be able to host it next term as I would like to experience working it one more time before I leave.

I believe that by being an ambassador for the University of Kent I have gained some useful skills that will definitely help me when I start applying for jobs and work. I’ve also gained many friends from being an ambassador through working with different people on all the jobs.  I’ve also gained a liking for outreach work – over the past 3 years I’ve really enjoyed being able to go out and help and run the jobs or workshops as an ambassador. It has given me the confidence to share ideas and speak publicly and is giving me confidence when meeting new people. Its made it a little less scary.  I’m really thankful for the Ambassador Stipend Scheme and the time that I’ve spent as an ambassador. It’s made my time at university more joyful and I’m glad that I applied and became a Stipend Student Ambassador.

Some advice I’d give to my fellow Ambassadors is to just enjoy every moment of being an ambassador. My 3 years at university have gone so quickly and it’s definitely something I’m going to miss when I graduate.  Apply to every job, do all the different workshops because they’re all so different you never know what you’re going to learn and you never know who you’re going to meet.