First Term of the Ambassador Scheme

Stipend Ambassador, George Sharp, shares what the first term as an Ambassador has been like

I remember getting the email through stating that I had been successful in my application to become a student ambassador and feeling elation at this news, as, until then, my job hunting had been at a stand still.

I can categorically say that after my first term as an ambassador that there wasn’t really a better job to do whilst at uni. I have been able to apply for jobs that fit my needs, all of which have been enjoyable for me so far. It keeps me busy but does so in a way that means I am never behind in my coursework. I have found I am able to keep a healthy balance between this job and my university work.

The first job I got accepted on outside of training sessions and meetings was a personal statements workshop, where I was part of a large team of fellow ambassadors doing a trial run of a workshop. Not only did I get to participate in the activities and give feedback, but I was also able to meet new people on the scheme. As we know, lockdown has made social life at university a bit more of a challenge but being in a group of friendly people that all want to help and inform others has been a great comfort to me.

I also participated in a similar work opportunity about health and safety, and how it is applied at university. I gave a lot of feedback in that session and I know that when it comes the time for the target audience to take part in these activities for real, they will be well informed and hopefully won’t be left with unanswered questions about university afterwards, which was actually one of my prime aims as an outreach ambassador.

Even this article has been an enjoyable work opportunity for me. As an English Literature student, I have found that a lot of the work opportunities fit perfectly around my course. This has been both an exercise in writing, and a bit of work for the programme. There are lots of opportunities that continue to become available that fit around my course and aspirations and I would guess this is similar for other ambassadors. There is always a plethora of work to take part in, and every one of them is enjoyable and worthwhile.

In summary, I feel this program does a lot of good for others around the county, but also does a lot of good for the individual ambassadors who get to experience new things and earn a little extra cash to fund their studies!

One thing I have yet to do that I would really love, would be to go out to all the different schools and deliver/help deliver sessions, and really get stuck in with the hands-on opportunities. COVID permitting of course!