Careers in Outreach

I love working as an Ambassador, but can I make it into a career?

If you have found a real passion for outreach work, working with schools, widening access to Higher Education, working at a university, supporting learners in their development, and the plethora of other things involved in working as an Ambassador, you may be thinking about what careers exist that are most similar.

We spoke to the Careers Team at University of Kent, and they suggested, ‘There is no defined career path for outreach and outreach can be done in a number of contexts.’

You might want to start by thinking about what you love most about outreach work and how your skills and interests could combine. For instance, if you are looking to go into business, many companies have a social responsibility strategy and in fact do outreach work with local schools and colleges to mentor and inspire students. Someone has to organise that, so perhaps the role of Corporate Social Mobility Manager could be for you?

If you enjoy the community aspect, there is a lot to explore here, for instance working as a Community Education Officer, Family Support Worker, Inclusion and Diversity Outreach Worker, or thinking about arts and culture outreach, such as in museums, galleries or local authorities.

If you are interested in education, but not sure if teaching is what you want to do, there is a range of opportunities you may not have thought of yet. For instance, have you thought of being a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, a Youth Worker, or Sports Coach.

And, of course, you can work with Ambassadors at a university in Outreach, Recruitment or Widening Participation. In fact, a few members of the Partnership Development Office were former Ambassadors including Outreach Activities Co-ordinators Beth Shelton and Nicola Ballantine.

If you are thinking about your next steps and have found a passion for Outreach, you can book a meeting with a Careers Advisor to chat to them about what interests you most and find out what is on offer.