Comparative Literature Outreach Opportunities for Schools

The department of Comparative Literature at the University of Kent is looking to create partnerships with local schools that open up new ways for pupils to think about their future education and job prospects.

Comparative Literature is an exciting field that brings together the study of literature, film, history, politics and philosophy; for any student with an interest in interdisciplinary dialogue, we offer a dynamic opportunity for academic exchange.

We would like to work with school staff to produce and deliver sessions and materials that will benefit them and their class.

Sessions can be delivered as a stand-alone 45 minute session, or organised as a series of 2, 3 or more sessions. Please see below an indicative list of possible sessions, that can be adapted to the needs and time-schedule of the school.

  • General skills workshop: ‘How to compare and contrast’
  • General skills workshop: ‘How to structure an essay’
  • Content specific sessions, e.g. working with texts that feature in the A-Level or GCSE syllabi
  • Content specific sessions, e.g. working with texts and topics as university taster sessions
  • Mentorship for the EPQ
  • ‘Studying at university’ sessions

If you are interested in having us provide any of the above sessions, or if you have other ideas about how we can best work together, please contact Dr Jo Pettitt at For the time being, all sessions will be run online, using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you would prefer us to visit in person, please also get in touch and we will seek to make the necessary arrangements.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.