Picture Medway Online Exhibition

We are pleased to share the online exhibition of the Picture Medway project. 

Picture Medway was a project run between October 2019 and March 2020 which offered photography workshops to young people aged 11-14 years from the University’s partner schools. The programme, a partnership between Medway Libraries and the University of Kent and supported with funding from the Art’s Council, focused on being a teen in Medway and sessions were run by postgraduate students from the University of Kent School of Engineering and Digital Arts.  Participants were taught how to use a camera and were taken to various areas in Medway to capture landscapes, buildings and people to practice their skills.

Each student received a certificate from the University of Kent on completion of the course, as well as postcards of their work.

The accumulation of their learning and experiences is now being showcased in an online exhibition.

Please find a link to view the Picture Medway Online Exhibition here.

Please click the links below to view students’ photographs from each school.

Brompton Academy 

Chatham Grammar School for Girls 

The Robert Napier School