Music, Paper Marbling and Cell Membranes

Through a series of science, music and art workshops over 3 days, students will explore cell membrane penetration, nanomedicine, and how the body responds to toxins at a cellular level.

They will also explore the amphiphilic chemistry of cell membranes through the play of oil-based marbling paints, experimenting with the use of surfactants to make these behave in various ways – remaining intact, merging, mixing. Students will respond musically to the abstract forms created, and to the dramatic narrative of cell penetration by toxins, creating a film/performance and soundtrack, which will be recorded. We hope to encourage new ways of composing and performing music, whilst deepening students’ understanding of scientific concepts.

The project also allows students an opportunity to reflect on their understanding of implications for health – in “performing” healthy tissue and the crossing of cell membranes by toxic molecules, do they re-evaluate their own health choices?

Note: If pupils play a portable musical instrument, they should bring this to the sessions.

This event should take play over three full days, 09:30-15:00. Schools can choose from one of the following:

29th April, 30th April and 1st May


29th April, 13th May and 20th May

This project is designed for students in Year 10 or above who study music and enjoy science, however it is open to any students Year 10 and above.

If a school is interesting in booking onto this event, please contact Gemma Hunt via