Kent Law School Mock Trials

Kent Law School would like to invite Sixth Form students to observe one of their assessed Mock Trials.

Visiting students would see a simulated trial featuring students, staff and actors. There will be a jury (staffed by Law School students) but the audience will also be asked to submit their verdict (collectively) and this verdict may differ from that of the jury!

The Mock Trials will take place on the following dates:

Monday 25th November
Tuesday 26th November
Wed 27th November
Thurs 28th November
Mon 2nd December
Tues 3rd December
Wed 4th December
Thur 5th December

All trials will begin at 5pm and visitors should allow 2.5-3 hours for the duration of the trial.

Please Note: All students attending would need to be accompanied by a member of school staff or a parent or guardian.

To book onto this event, please contact Michael Collingwood via specifying the number of students you wish to bring and the date.