LGBTQ+ Mythbusters

LGBTQ+ Mythbusters are University of Kent students who visit secondary schools to answer candidly the questions young people may have about their experiences, both in terms of their sexuality and/or identity, their personal experience of coming out and also about University life in broader terms.

The aim is for young people to have the opportunity to ask questions in a safe and supportive environment, to find out more about life at University for someone who identifies as LGBTQ+ and also to ask questions about the students’ own experiences.

The Mythbusters are fully trained and will be accompanied by a member of University staff.

Schools should note that it is not uncommon for the young people to ask graphic questions, or questions about language, terminology, the interface between religion and sexuality, political views and intimate acts, and the Mythbusters will answer these as openly and honestly as possible. Due to this, some schools we have worked with have felt it appropriate to seek parental approval for a child to attend the session.

A full list of real questions asked by the children from previous schools is available if you would like to find out more information, as are testimonies from previous schools.

We have come in as a stand-alone session, as part of LGBT History Month (February) or IDAHOTB Day and also as part of Healthy Relationships discussions. Sessions are available from January 2020 to May 2020. Sessions can be run on weekdays, normally in the afternoon but this is flexible.

This session is usually run for 16-18 year olds but can work for younger students depending on the school’s requirements.

The school must be able to supply:

– A staff member to liaise with
– A quiet space (classroom or other closed room) for each session to take part in
– A staff member to supervise each individual session
– Post it notes or paper, pens and a bin or clean Tupperware pot or other receptacle

To enquire about this activity please contact Becky Lamyman via