The Life of a Lecturer – Work Experience with Dr Laura Bailey

Being a university lecturer is not just about teaching! In fact, that can be just a small part of the job. Lecturers also write books, conduct research projects, think of ideas to improve the student experience, go to conferences and field trips, and lots more!

If you’re in Year 12 or 13 and interested in English language, modern or ancient languages, or a related subject, you could come and do work experience with Dr Laura Bailey in the School of European Culture and Languages at the University of Kent. You would work independently at the Canterbury campus, under her supervision.

Representative examples of tasks you might carry out (with lots of help from Dr Bailey) are:
• Creating themed reading lists
• Filming or editing YouTube interviews with staff or students
• Updating study materials
• Editing or proof-reading articles
• Assessing reading lists for diversity
• Attending meetings
• Sitting in on lectures or seminars
• Conducting a research project on an aspect of local dialect

Depending on the tasks you undertake, you would gain skills in written and verbal communication, independent work, research, data analysis and presentation, and technical skills specific to the type of task.

As a Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics, Dr Bailey teaches modules on various topics from first year up to Master’s level. As well as that, she is responsible for overseeing the undergraduate degree programme, conducting her own research projects and writing them up as books and articles, editing reviews for a major journal and supporting university students with pastoral work. Most importantly of all  she works on a project to try to improve equality and diversity at the university. Her job is definitely really varied and interesting.

Laura would especially like to hear from you if you’re from a group that is under-represented at university (for example, if you’re from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background, or if your parents didn’t go to university, or you have a disability).

For more information on this opportunity please contact Dr Laura Bailey directly via or enquire via