Pick up the headset and keep playing!

Research and reflections from participants in our Year 12 Summer School

Despite the long list of reasons anti-gamers seem to be able to provide for the condemnation of video games, we’ve discovered plenty of evidence to the contrary. So here’s our list of reasons why you should pick up the headset and keep playing!



1. It’s Social

Anti-gamers claim that gaming shuts countless kids inside their rooms away from the outside world, which is in fact not the case; we’ve found evidence that says otherwise. For example, Maria Frostling-Henningsson writes in her October 9th 2009 issue, ‘First Person Shooter Games as a way of Connecting to People‘, that “online gaming is foremost motivated by social reasons and provides the possibility of cooperation and communication”. To put it simply, instead of segregating gamers from the whole world it in fact brings the whole world to them.

2. Brain Food

They say books are brain food, but they’ve obviously never had a taste of gaming. The stimulation games provide leads to gamers being significantly better at perceptual tasks like pattern discrimination, attention and cognition. So that means you can improve your brain as much with Donkey Kong as you can with Dickens.

3. Pleasantly Annoying

Despite the link made between increased spikes in aggression and the frustration induced by gaming, the likelihood of a gamer turning to aggression over the rush of achievement is low. The pleasant frustration that comes along with video games becomes a powerful motivation for you to keep playing. This means when you win you’re rewarded with a higher sense of achievement, which means you value it more.

In summary, when somebody tells you gaming is “the source of all evil”, send them our link and soon you’ll be playing two player!


Jasmin, George and Reanna