The Business Start Up Journey

The ASPIRE (part of Kent Business School) develops programmes that are designed to help students of all ages explore the process of setting up a business.

Through The Business Start Up Journey, participants will identify and develop a viable business proposition. They will also develop entrepreneurial behaviours and mindsets which enhance life skills and employability. As well as encouraging an appreciation of the business start-up journey, students will develop active problem solving attributes, presentation, communication, team work and leadership skills.

Students will be guided in how to find a business idea using simple ideation and problem-solving techniques. In small groups they will explore how to develop an idea – considering competition, customers, routes to market, start-up costs, use of technology, brand and marketing. The final stage of the process is building a pitch deck to present to the other groups and win over potential “investors”.

The programme can run over several days, a day, or in shorter sessions over successive weeks and this can take place either on campus or in school.

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