How to research like a philosopher (EPQ support)

The Extended Project Qualification asks students to engage with a question of their own choosing, investigate it, gather evidence and write a report arguing for an answer to that question. Despite the range of topics the students might choose, these projects will still face a number of very similar challenges: students must structure their inquiry, locate and evaluate evidence, and expose it to critical scrutiny. They must bring together a lot of information to create an argument and communicate their reasoning to an audience. These skills, which are both used by philosophers and objects of philosophical investigation, are ones we would like to help students develop. In 1-2 hour workshops, experienced philosophers will discuss these basic philosophical skills with students and guide those students in applying them to their own projects.

This activity is suitable for students in FE Colleges or School years 12 and 13.

For further information about this activity please email outreach@kent.acuk