Schools Bulletin (26.03.2018)

Please see below details of forthcoming opportunities with the University:

Event Date Event Title Description Location Year Group(s) Subject Area
Monday 20 to Friday 24 August Biosciences: Work Experience Week  

We are now accepting applications for Work Experience Week from students currently completing year 12 of study (or equivalent). The week will involve guided research to produce, purify and characterise proteins of biological and clinical significance, providing key practical and technical skills in the biological sciences. It will also feature seminars from some of our world-leading researchers, and guidance on completing UCAS applications from our admissions experts. It will close with a social event in which students will present their work, and to which parents or other guests of the students (maximum 2) are invited.


 Canterbury campus Year 12 Biosciences
Bespoke Design a Virus & Infection Control  

This session allows students to create their own virus, including aspects such as epidemiology, transmission, symptomology etc. In the second part of the session gives students the opportunity to try to develop a plan in order to contain/eradicate the virus, taking into account the features described in the previous part of the session.

 In Schools or on the   Canterbury Campus Year 11 to13 Biosciences


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