Orion Lectures: Infinite Series

Infinite Series are very rare ideas within Mathematics, in that they are both beautiful and easy to understand. Many of the results are of compelling elegance and are often very surprising, all while being accessible to students with a strong GCSE grade in Mathematics. The workshops are open to students who attend a Partner or KMPF school and are designed to challenge and inspire students in Y12 and Y13 with an interest in mathematics.

We will begin our programme of lectures with an introduction to geometric series, then covering the golden series and related results. After this, we will discuss the notions of convergence and divergence, and how series can be understood asymptotically.

Finally, we will examine famous Mathematics results such as telescoping series and Leonhard Euler’s amazing solution to the Basel problem. We may also explore spectral zeta functions and infinite products, depending on the interests of the group.

Please note that places are limited to three per school, to book please email j.watkins@kent.ac.uk.