Public Health Day

On Thursday 1 February, 82 year 9 students from St Anselm’s visited the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus to attend Public Health Day, organised by Kent’s History and SSPSSR departments. The content that was covered during the day related to the GCSE History module ‘Medicine through Time’.

The day began with sessions titled ‘Health and the British Empire’ and ‘Health and Housing’ which were designed to look at different aspects of health within the UK and abroad during the British Empire. Students also took part in a disaster response exercise that tested their historical knowledge of medical epidemics. Each room contained a different historical disaster including natural, social and life-style induced epidemics. The task was to figure out to create a response to stop the disaster from spreading which students really enjoyed.

Feedback from the day was extremely positive, with many citing the disaster response activity as their favourite session. For more information about this activity, please contact