Additional Opportunities within the Social Sciences

The faculty of Social Sciences are currently offering a broad range of outreach activities available to schools. Opportunities are available for all stages from Key Stage 3 and up, in a broad range of subjects. Below are some opportunities we would like to highlight this week:

Teaching Support by the School of Anthropology and Conservation
The School of Anthropology and Conservation are keen to work with and support teachers who might be new to the teaching of anthropology or would benefit from additional support to develop teaching ideas and resources.

This module is offered by the Kent Law School. It is delivered over the course of 3-4 sessions whereby students will be introduced to the idea of mediation and supported to engage in the process. The module is designed to support GCSE students in developing useful transferable skills such as listening, formulating arguments and objectivity.

Psychology Taster Sessions
The School of Psychology is currently offering a range of taster sessions which aim to introduce students to some of the things studied within psychology. There are a variety of taster sessions on offer, which include:
• More than mindreading: An insight into Psychology
• Superfoods: How nutrition can affect learning and memory
• Out of the norm: Why we do the things we do
• Willpower: A limited resource?
• Cognitive Biases: Are we predictably irrational?
• Inside the Brain: How does the brain create the mind?
• Boy brain, girl brain?
• Nature vs Nurture: Let the battle begin
• How do we learn? Beyond classical conditional
These taster sessions are designed for Year 12 and 13 students and last approximately one hour. They can be delivered in school or on campus.
In addition, the school also offers full and half day workshops on the following topics:
• The stigma of mental health experiences: How can Psychology tackle it?
• Research Methods and critical thinking
• My route to university
• What is it like to study psychology?

Students as Researchers
The School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research are currently offering a short and extended ‘Students as Researchers’ outreach activity for students in Year 12 and 13.

The short version supports students to create a research proposal in teams around a chosen research question. Each team will then present their proposal for feedback. This will take place over 2-3 sessions within the school or delivered as a one-day event on campus.

The extended version will then include 2-3 additional sessions to support the students in undertaking research related to their proposal, analysing and presenting their findings.


For more information regarding any of these activities please complete the Outreach Booking Form

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list of activities on offer by the Faculty of Social Sciences. We will continue to disseminate information via our weekly bulletin in the forthcoming weeks.