Schools bulletin (27.11.17)

Please see below details of forthcoming opportunities with the University:

Event Date Event Title Description Location Year Group(s) Subject Area
Initial meeting in the Spring term Philosophy in Education Network The University of Kent and the King’s School Canterbury are launching a philosophy in education network for teachers and students in the local area with the aim of promoting the teaching of philosophy in schools. We anticipate that the group might be of interest not only to those currently involved in following or delivering Religious Studies and/or Philosophy courses but would also be a vehicle through which to encourage the development of philosophical thinking more broadly, as for example part of the University’s Outreach support for the Extended Project Qualification.  TBC Teachers Philosophy & Religious Studies
Bespoke Anthropology Taster Sessions  

A fantastic opportunity for students to be introduced to the various topics within anthropology. There are a variety of sessions on offer for all age groups.

In School Years 7 to 13 Anthropology and Conservation
Bespoke Psychology Laboratory Tours  

An opportunity for students to visit the University of Kent Canterbury campus and view some of the specialist facilities there. The tours offer students the opportunity to explore some of the fascinating equipment used within the School of Psychology such as the eye tracking equipment and the EEG headset.

Canterbury campus Years 10 to 13 Psychology
Bespoke Citizen’s Jury  

Citizen’s Jury is currently being offered as a short and extended workshop. During this activity students will explore and form discussions on a selected ethical dilemma and participate in a Citizen’s Jury to come up with an agreement as a whole group. The extended version offers follow-up sessions where students are supported to run their own Citizens Jury event based around their own ethical dilemma. This activity is particularly useful for students taking the IBCP and undertaking a reflective project.

In School Years 12 and 13 Politics and Anthropology
Bespoke English Language A Level Support  

The Department of English Language and Linguistics are offering support programmes for students of English Language A Level. This can take the form of guest lectures, skills-building workshops, or coursework support including use of the university library facilities.

In School and Canterbury campus Year 12 and 13 English Language
Bespoke Law Curriculum Support  

Kent Law School are currently offering support to students who are taking Law as part of their Post 16 choices. The content and duration on offer is bespoke to suite the needs of the school.

In School Years 12 and 13 Law


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