Outreach Opportunities within the Social Sciences Faculty

The faculty of Social Sciences are currently offering a broad range of outreach activities available to schools. Opportunities are available for all stages from Key Stage 3 and up, in a broad range of subjects. Below are some opportunities we would like to highlight this week:

Anthropology Taster Sessions
The School of Anthropology and Conservation are now offering a fantastic opportunity for students to be introduced to the various topics within anthropology. There are a variety of taster sessions on offer which explore a breadth of topics studied across the subject.
Choose from the following topics:
• What is anthropology?
• You are what, and where, you eat
• The Human Journey: are we a migrant species?
• Reconstructing a skeleton’s biological profile
• What happens to your skeleton while you grow?
• Forensic Anthropology
• Which diseases can we see in the skeletons?
• Fossil Hominins: Where did we come from?
• Biodiversity
• Our closest living relatives
• Globalisation
• Human societies around the world
Taster sessions are available for years 7 through to 13 and can be undertaken in school or on the University of Kent Canterbury campus.

Psychology Laboratory Tours
The School of Psychology are currently offering laboratory tours for students in years 10-13.
This is an opportunity for students to visit the University of Kent Canterbury campus and view some of the specialist facilities there. The tours offer students the opportunity to explore some of the fascinating equipment used within the School of Psychology such as the eye tracking equipment and the EEG headset.

Citizen’s Jury
Citizen’s Jury is an opportunity currently being offered by The School of Anthropology and Conservation and The School of Politics and International Relations collectively.
This workshop is currently being offered in both short and extended versions and is open to students in Year 12 and 13.
The short version of the workshop is one 2 hour session whereby students will participate in a structured discussion around a selected ethical dilemma. Students will be posed questions and asked to come up with an agreement as a whole group around this selected dilemma.
The extended version offers follow-up sessions whereby the students work in teams and are supported by our staff to run their own Citizen’s Jury events, which will be based upon their own selected ethical dilemma.
The extended Citizen’s Jury is highly recommended for students taking the IBCP as it will help them to explore their topic and collect qualitative data. This extended version will consist of 3 2 hour long sessions.

Law Curriculum Support
Kent Law School are currently offering support to students who are taking Law as part of their Post 16 choices. The content and duration on offer is tailored to support the needs of the school.

For more information regarding any of these activities please email Michael Collingwood m.collingwood@kent.ac.uk or book via the Outreach Booking Form

Please Note: The activities on offer by the Faculty of Social Sciences is not limited to the activities listed in this post. Please keep an eye out for more information on additional activities in the coming weeks.