Schools Bulletin (20.11.17)

Please see below details of forthcoming opportunities with the University:

Event Date Event Title Description Location Year Group(s) Subject Area
Bespoke E-Fit VI This Forensics taster session is available on the University of Kent Canterbury campus only. E-Fit is facial composite software developed by researchers at the University of Kent and is in standard use in the UK. Students will work in pairs to create a facial composite of a suspected criminal after watching a short video clip. The students will learn techniques for gathering witness statements and using the software.


Canterbury campus Year 12 and 13 Sciences
Bespoke Mobile Planetarium The University of Kent School of Physical Sciences now offers a mobile planetarium which can visit schools. A variety of different shows are available for a range of different age groups.


In school Various Sciences
Bespoke Photolithography A practical Chemistry workshop during which students will create semiconductors using inorganic nanotechnology techniques routinely used in the manufacturing of computer chips.


In school Year 12 and 13 Sciences
Bespoke Cool Science An interactive liquid nitrogen show that includes information on extreme cold and living tissue, the liquid to gas expansion, and material properties at low-temperature. It is suitable for students in Years 7 – 9, with plenty of opportunities for audience participation.


In school Year 7 to 9 Sciences
Bespoke from January 2018 Ballistics During this workshop students will measure and determine multiple aspects of bullet trajectories for different sizes of weaponry.


In school Year 12 and 13 Sciences
Bespoke from January 2018 Crime Scene House The Crime Scene House is a new addition to the teaching suite at the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent. It permits students to gain a more realistic experience of crime scene investigation in multiple different settings.


Canterbury campus TBC Sciences

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