‘What Happens Next?’

As part of the Kent and Medway Collaborative Outreach Programme. The University of Kent are pleased to offer a new workshop, ‘What Happens Next?’.

This workshop is designed to encourage Year 9 students to think about where their GCSE exams are leading them and what choices they will have to make during Year 11 about what they plan to do Post 16.

Through a range of interactive activities and discussions, students will learn about where these choices will lead and begin to think about the types of study and qualifications that will suit them.

The aim of this workshop is to highlight to students the choices facing them and the effect their decisions will have on their future.

This workshop is for students who have been identified as living within a NCOP ward and is suitable for groups of up to 20 students.

To book please complete our online booking form or email outreach@kent.ac.uk