Program a Humanoid Robot Workshop

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts are pleased to offer this new and exciting session for students who attend a Partner or KMPF school. Experimenting with the cutting edge of robotic technology, students taking part in this 2-3 hour workshop will get to programme an intelligent, humanoid robot. The very same robot has been used in the latest academic research and can be programmed to walk and to recognise and interact with objects. All equipment will be provided.

The session will be led by PhD student Iulia Motoc, who was recently nominated for a national award in Engineering Outreach.

This workshop is suitable for groups of up to 20 students in Years 6 to 13.

Other workshops may be available and could be deliveredĀ as part of a full day of workshops across a range of year groups.

To book this workshop please complete ourĀ online booking form.