Publishing your Open Access Book with Sciendo

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Are you a University of Kent author who wants to publish an online Open Access book?

Sciendo – De Gruyeter have developed a new offer that is open to any authors at Kent for books contracted between now and 31st December 2020.  The fee of £2,500 includes three years hosting on the Sciendo platform with options to extend this.

Why publish Open Access?

Have you ever been asked to pay to read an article or book that you need for your research?  Paywalls prevent access to groundbreaking research by forcing the reader to pay a subscription.  This can mean less interest, readers and citations for authors.  Open Access provides free, unrestricted online access which has many benefits to authors and readers:

For authors:

  • Increased visibility means that more people from across the globe will find, read and reuse your research.
  • More readers means more citations which you can track and evidence as part of your impact.
  • Increased academic profile that demonstrates your authority and expertise, enables you to make connections and can influence your future career.
  • Retention of author copyright so you have control of how you share your work.
  • A choice of Creative Commons licenses to help you keep control of how your research is shared and that you are acknowledged.

For readers:

  • Free and unrestricted access means that publicly funded research can be accessed and read by anyone.
  • Removes financial barriers to accessing groundbreaking research.

For everyone:

  • Sustainable publishing practices are better for the environment and ensure the integrity and permanence of the research work.
  • Equal access for everyone regardless of wealth, affiliation or geographic location.

Support at Kent

The University of Kent may support you to publish your Open Access book by paying an Book Processing Charge (BPC) to make the book freely available online.  Find out more about your eligibility and how to apply for an BPC.

How Sciendo can support you to publish your Open Access book:

  • Your book will receive its own web page where readers and researchers can find information about the book and the contents.
  • Accessible content hosted and shared from a professional and user-friendly interface.
  • Plagiarism detection via the CrossCheck System.
  • Online manuscript production system using ProduXion Manager.
  • Generation of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for the Book and its chapters to permanently and unambiguously identify the content. It allows for a quick and precise search of a specific paper.
  • Creating metadata in XML format to support online book set up and print-on-demand.
  • ISBN registration.
  • Complimentary printed paperback copy for each author.
  • Print on demand and delivery to book buyer with revenue shared between book owner and Sciendo.
  • Optional print run, and delivery to one address (quoted separately).
  • Review of book proposals and final manuscripts including acceptance and rejection.
  • Shared to Open Access libraries worldwide through the hosting and distribution platform.
  • Enable sharing via full-text repositories, such as the Kent Academic Repository, to maximise audience reach.
  • Arrange for coverage in Open Access directories such as Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) to increase visibility and accessibility.
  • Long term preservation of electronic books provided by Portico.

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