Think Kent Discovers series

While film and TV production is in lockdown, the University of Kent has original research documentaries for you to discover.

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For a special guest blog post, Jess Messenger introduces a series of nine Research Services and KMTV  commissioned research documentaries which will be screened under the banner “Think Kent Discovers series”.

Starting the week commencing 18 May, researchers and field experts will host interactive talks featuring topical discussions as the University launches the “Think Kent Discovers series”, a series of nine cutting edge research documentaries produced by the University of Kent in association with KMTV.

Each event will start with the screening of a research documentary followed by a live panel discussion on the topic.

All events are FREE to watch, but please book your place.

Series schedule to include:

Tuesday 19 May at 19.00: “Restoring the Palace of Westminster”
Dr Henrik Schoenefeldt from the Kent School of Architecture and Planning analyses the Houses of Parliament’s historic ventilation system and how it shaped the overall design of the building.

Panel members:
– Dr Henrik Schoenefeldt, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture at the University of Kent
– Professor Dean Hawkes, Emeritus Professor of Architectural Design at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University and an Emeritus Fellow of Darwin College, University of Cambridge
– Richard Ware, Former Director of the Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme

Thursday 28 May at 19.00: “Mary Rose – A Chemical Conundrum”
The documentary explores how a team from the School of Physical Sciences helped to preserve, and put on display, the pride of the Tudor fleet.

Panel members:
– Professor Alan Chadwick, Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Kent
– Professor Eleanor Schofield, Head of Conservation & Collections Care at the Mary Rose Trust
– Fred Mosselmans, Principal Beamline Scientist responsible for I20 at Diamond Light Source

Week commencing 1 June: “Peru – A Living Memory” (details to be confirmed)
Researcher Natalia Sobrevilla Perea, from School of European Culture and Languages, wants to teach citizens about all aspects of  Peru’s history in order to create a fully realised national identity for future generations of Peruvians.

For more details on each event, visit the Research Services webpage.

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